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Medical Services

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Scheme for the community members will be introduced for the health facilities through NHIF[NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE FUND].

The school results are promising so the admission of new schools are full for first time in the history.

After inauguration of the frist wing of the hospital building by the honourable president of tanzania jakaya kikwete the plans are underway for further construction of six stories upon the new premises.
It is first time in the history the president of the country came for opening ceremony.

Hindu Mandal announces new packages for medical services for senior citizens. Services will be available at discounted rates. this is in order to ensure our commitment to provide best quality health facilities to all class of the society.

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Medical Professionals

The following are visiting professionals consulting for Shree Hindu Mandal Hospital.
  1. Anaesthetist
  2. Ophthalmologist
  3. Cardiologist
  4. Orthopaedic
  5. Dermatologist
  6. Obstetrician/Gynaecologist
  7. ENT Surgeon
  8. Paediatrician
  9. Haematologist
  10. Physiotherapist
  11. Nephrologist
  12. Radiologist
  13. Neuroloogist
  14. Urologist
  15. Neuro-psychiatrist
  16. Thoracic Surgeon
  17. Oncologist
  18. General Surgeon
  19. Ophthalmologist ENT Surgeon
  20. Internal Medicine

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