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Scheme for the community members will be introduced for the health facilities through NHIF[NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE FUND].

The school results are promising so the admission of new schools are full for first time in the history.

After inauguration of the frist wing of the hospital building by the honourable president of tanzania jakaya kikwete the plans are underway for further construction of six stories upon the new premises.
It is first time in the history the president of the country came for opening ceremony.

Hindu Mandal announces new packages for medical services for senior citizens. Services will be available at discounted rates. this is in order to ensure our commitment to provide best quality health facilities to all class of the society.

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Educational Services by Shree Hindu Mandal

Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School is a "Grade A" School of Excellence

Founded in 1997 Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School has been a leader in eduction in Dar es Salaam. Awarded 5 times the Ministry of Education's "Grade A Certificate" Shree Hindu Mandal Primary School is the only such school in Dar es Salaam and only one of 6 within the entire country. We believe in educating all and our doors are open to all who pass our entrance exam.

Currently there are 743 students enrolled and under construction is our secondary school which has the capacity to hold 504 students.


School Strength :

The School has a total of sixteen (16) classes with a seating capacity of thirty (30) children per class-room except for the toddlers class which accommodates only twenty five (25) children.


  2011 2012
New Admissions 223 225
Continuing students 241 255
TOTAL 464 480
Vacancies 11 NIL

The School’s 2012 academic year started well to the extent that the School is filled to the capacity and there are still more on the waiting list.


a). Orientation for New Admissions :
The School academic year commenced with an orientation meeting for new admissions. The parents and children were introduced to the respective class teacher. The parents were taken for a familiarization tour of the school as. The 2012 orientation took place on 09 January 2012.

b). Parent/Teacher Work-shop :
The work-shop was organized to enable the parents to learn about the School curriculum and methodology of imparting education to children. Such a work-shop was held on 28 January 2012.

c). Friday Class Assemblies :
All children were trained to perform for a class assembly on scheduled Fridays. The parents of the respective class were also invited to watch the children perform and show their talents in singing, poem recitation, drama and speech. This year’s Upper Kindergarten children included science experiments in their assembly session.

d). Sports Day :
The 2011 Annual Sports Day was conducted on 28 May 2011. This event was kindly sponsored by M/s. Alexander Forbes and gifts for children were donated by one of the parents, Mr. Sailesh Chudasama. The Sports Day was held at Shabaan Robert Secondary School and it was encouraging to note that the attendance of parents was in large number. All children who had participated were given a free sports T-shirt, snacks, a participation certificate and gifts.

e). Open Day 2011:
An Open Day was organized on 26 June 2011 for all parents to meet the respective class teachers and discuss the respective child’s progress. Apart from this formal meeting, the School has allowed parents to meet the concerned teacher on Wednesdays after home time to periodically check the child’s progres.

(f) Field Trips:
Field trips were planned for all classes as follows:
  • MKG and UKG children visited Funcity for a picnic in June 2011
  • LKG children visited the National Library in July 2011
  • UKG children visited City printers in November 2011
  • MKG children visited the Shrijee supermarket in March 2012
  • UKG children visited the Tinga Tinga Art Gallery in March 2012
g). Swimming Gala :
All children who had attended swimming classes at the School took part in the Annual Swimming Gala. This event was held on 21 October 2011. All participating children were given Participation Certificate and gifts.

h). External Participation :
The School was invited to participate in the Tiruvaluvar Sangam Children celebration in memory of Late pandit Jawarlal Nehru’s birthday. The venue for this event was Diamond Jubilee Hall and it was held on 19 November 2011. A ‘ngoma’ dance was presented by children of our School and participate received participation certificate and gifts.

i). Annual Programme :
The School Annual programme was held on 25 November 2011. All children participated and the gathering was well attended by parents. Participating children presented a variety of cultural items on stage. The events were appreciated by the attending parents.

j).A new play-ground shed was constructed to accommodate the newly purchased equipment from India. The play-ground equipment has just been assembled.


The current strength of students attending our School is as follows:

Section Students
Primary School 545 students
Nursery Wing 64 toddlers

The School has forty two (42) teaching staff for Primary School and three (3) for Nursery wing.

A total of ninety four (94) students appeared for Grade VII final examination. Out of this ninety two (92) students passed and the remaining two (2) had failed. It was gratifying to note that out of ninety two (92) students who had passed, ninety (90) students were selected to join Form I.

During the period under review all students of Primary School participated in various School activities and Field trips. Such activities are vital as the children’s vision is widened.

This meeting was held on 17 March 2012. Many parents had this meeting during which they met the concerned teaching staff and also took round of the School premises. Parents main complaint was the distance at which our School is located compared to their residential homes.

The School is conducting extra coaching class on every Saturday for Grade VII students. The purpose is to prepare students for the final National Examination.

The School has a well-equipped computer laboratory for students. The purpose is to expose children of all ages to computer through which they can enhance their knowledge.



  2011 2012
Form I 57 75
Form II 60 59
Form III 58 61
Form IV 70 57
Pre –Form V - 8
Total 245 260


Grade seven students from different primary Schools appeared for the entrance test for Form One admission for the academic year 2012. They appeared for three basic subjects, that is English, mathematics and Kiswahili. The bench mark passing average was set at 40%. However, prospective students who scored between 30% - 40% were requested to attend coaching classes and re-tested.
Sixty (60) students were registered for Form Two Secondary Education Examination held in November 2011. The outcome of the overall result was as follows:

Grade Percentage Number of students
A Above 80% 0
B 61-80 0
C 41-60 24
D 30-40 34
F Below 30% 3
Absent   2
TOTAl   60

The result of Form Two recorded a gradual improvement when compared to the previous academic year. The School management is making concerted endeavors to achieve good result and consequently enhance the image of our School.


Orientation Meeting :
The 2012 academic year began with teaching staff orientation meeting held on 05 January 2012. This was followed by mathematics seminar facilitated. On 28 January 2012 parents Teacher’s Orientation meeting was held when many parents attended.

Co –curricular Activities :
The School’s co-curricular activity programme was a success as every child participated in at least one activity. The activities were adjudicated by judges from other schools invited for the purpose.

The following activities were held:

Dancing competition 09.09.2011
Essay writing 22.04.2011
Group singing/Solo performance 20.05.2011
Sports day 14.07.2011
Debate competition 19.08.2011
Picnic 16.06.2011

YUNA Launch

This was launched on 16 July 2011 at our School and the Chief Guest was Mr. Shafin Jaman of Exim Bank.

Form Four Graduation Day :
This activity was held on 29 November 2011. The Chief Guest was Mr. Ganpat of Bank M Limited. The Chairman of the Mandal, Mr. Ramesh Patel delivered opening speech and reiterated the importance of academic education. A token of appreciation was given to all participants. Many parents had attended the function which was very colourful.
Mr. Reddy of Sura Technology also gave a wonderful speech and offered scholarship to best twenty five (25) students.

Appreciation :
The School recorded a sincere vote of thanks to Mr. Subhash Patel who had donated 1,200 litres of paint. This quantity was used to paint interior and exterior of our School premises.

Future Plan :
  • The School has planned to build a canteen in order to cater snacks to students.
  • To commence imparting A level education. In fact the School has started Pre-Form V because students attending this class do not meet educational requirement set by the National Examination Council of Tanzania.

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