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Scheme for the community members will be introduced for the health facilities through NHIF[NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE FUND].

The school results are promising so the admission of new schools are full for first time in the history.

After inauguration of the frist wing of the hospital building by the honourable president of tanzania jakaya kikwete the plans are underway for further construction of six stories upon the new premises.
It is first time in the history the president of the country came for opening ceremony.

Hindu Mandal announces new packages for medical services for senior citizens. Services will be available at discounted rates. this is in order to ensure our commitment to provide best quality health facilities to all class of the society.

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About Hindu Mandal and Activities

It was on 29 June 1919 that Shree Hindu Mandal Dar es Salaam was established. After almost 93 illustrious years it is needless to over emphasize the strength and conviction with which our Institution rendered social service to the Hindu Community and the peoples of our great nation, Tanzania.

WE attest not only to the importance of the many and various social services rendered to the residents of our city and beyond its border, but to the dedication and commitment of the staff and volunteers who enabled the services to happen.

Challenges of any kind enthuses us to undertake any mammoth task that brings about intimacy, love and respect between each members of communities.

Shree Hindu Mandal Dar es Salaam was established as a response to the needs of our community. Right from its inception, leaders of Shree Hindu Mandal, Dar es Salaam have taken our Institution, primarily towards bringing about better understanding within various Hindu sub-Communities and human society through constant interaction, Social Welfare, Religious and Cultural activities and Health and Educational services.

One can see the illustrious growth chart of our Mandal from our historical records. From first Chairman Shri Keshav Vasudev Manhore (1918) to the current Chairman Shri Ramesh Patel Shree Hindu Mandal, Dar es Salaam has gone through a tedious journey that has evidenced dedication and wisdom of Hindu leaders in service to mankind over nine decades.

Shree Hindu Mandal, Dar es Salaam during 93 years of its existence ensured collective efforts to conserve our heritage and culture not forgetting the fact the non-discriminatory policy of our nation has upheld the rights of the people to co-exist peacefully irrespective of the caste, colour, creed or religion. God bless our country, Tanzania.

Taking into consideration this norm of service we revived our membership of The Hindu Council of Tanzania spearheading Community Programs and Projects at National level. Our Mandal has also become the member of Tanzania Asian Development Association which has brought together communities from different faiths and religions to achieve common goals in the interest of Asian Community at large and outreach national Institutions to play our role in areas such as disasters or national call of the day.

This way we have continued to be part of the national social structure on a larger scale.

Our philosophy is to believe in your positive ideas. Our challenge is to make them work.

Shree Hindu Mandal Annual Report Year 2012

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